Who am I?


My name is Miguel, also known as PacoChan on the internet. I love video games since I was a child and I’m also interested in programming and 3D graphics. So it makes sense that game development is what I do for a living. I’ve been developing games on my own for years as an amateur, and professionally for around 3 or 4 years.

What is this website?

This site will focus on my personal projects and random game dev stuff I usually do.

The name Bumpy Trail Games comes from my interest in adventure games in general. No matter if they are horror adventure games, platformers or puzzle games with exploration, all of them have in common that they require to reach an end goal, like getting to a final boss, save the world, solve the end puzzle, etc. And to get close to that end, the player has to walk through a path with obstacles, like enemies, the puzzles themselves, etc. that will pose a challenge for beating the game. So Bumpy Trail represents that difficult path or trail to walk on but despite its challenges, it will hopefully provide a fulfilling experience.